Delhi University admissions 2020: How to choose course and college

Delhi University admissions 2020: Here’s a brief insight to help students streamline the course of their choice as well as a college while balancing placement and other factors.

Delhi University cut-offs are on the way to come one after the other. The first cut-off list of the University of Delhi has been announced. However, there are many more to come. Last year, around five cut-off lists, were announced. Nevertheless, it is not about the cut-off but about the admissions that students are concerned about. Most of the students go for college and drop the course of their choice to have exposure to the best college. To make it easy for the students, here’s a look at the criteria on how to choose courses and college to get an admission at Delhi University.

How to select a course at Delhi University

Firstly, it is important to secure a seat at the prestigious University of Delhi. Therefore, students should pick the score they have scored highest in and secure a seat for themselves if they really want to study at the University of Delhi.

Secondly, keep a check at the cut-off lists. If you are getting a course of your choice, then apply at other colleges as well.

All you have to do is get your admission canceled and refund your admission fee from the previous college and get admission in the course of your choice.

Picking a college of your choice will not be a sane decision as at the end of the day it is the course which matters and not the college.

All colleges coming under the University of Delhi will have the same degree and format.

How to choose a college at the University of Delhi

Instead of going with the brand or the name of the college, students should get in touch with the alumni of the college they are finalizing to know about the placement services and the faculty. Moreover, students should talk to the students who are already enrolled in the same course and college with the help of social media.

Future prospects of the course

Covid-19 has a need to become a turning point for everyone across the globe. Therefore, while you are searching for the course, make sure that you understand the future relevance of that course. In terms of job prospects, the course must fit the bills.

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