Delhi minister suggests empowering traffic officials to issue challans for buses

Delhi Transport Minister Kailash Gahlot has recommended empowering officers of the rank of Assistant Traffic Inspector (ATI) of the Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC) to issue challans to buses violating lane discipline under the Motor Vehicle Act, 1988.

This recommendation has been forwarded to Delhi Lieutenant Governor VK Saxena for approval.

Gahlot said that empowering Assistant Traffic Inspectors to issue challans for lane violations is a crucial step in enhancing road safety and ensuring that our buses adhere to traffic regulations.

“This measure will not only improve traffic flow but also reduce accidents and enhance the overall efficiency of our public transport system. We are committed to making Delhi’s roads safer and more orderly for all commuters,” he added.

Under this recommendation, ATIs will be authorised to issue challans to offending buses under Sections 177, 184, and 192A of the Motor Vehicle Act, 1988.

According to the Act, a penalty of Rs 500 will be imposed on the buses for the first offence and Rs 1,500 for subsequent offenses under Section 177 of the Act.

Similarly, under Section 184 of the Act, a penalty of Rs 5,000 will be imposed for the first offence involving use of handheld communication devices, and Rs 10,000 for subsequent offences.

According to Section 192A of the Act, a penalty of Rs 10,000 will be imposed on vehicles for traffic violations.

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Ashutosh Acharya

Published On:

Jul 4, 2024

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