AIDSO hits out at NMC for penalising govt. medical colleges in Karnataka

Student activists in Mysuru have hit out at the National Medical Commission (NMC) for penalising medical colleges in the State.

“NMC had issued notices to several medical colleges penalising them for not reaching the prescribed standard required to run a medical college. As many as 13 government medical colleges and 11 private medical colleges have been penalised with amounts ranging from ₹2 lakh to ₹15 lakh,” claimed the All India Democratic Students’ Organisation (AIDSO), Mysuru.

In a statement here, AIDSO district secretary Chandrakala said though the medical colleges must maintain prescribed standards, imposing a penalty on them is “undemocratic”. “This approach of NMC is against the very objective of quality education. If the number of faculty is less and the infrastructure does not meet necessary standards then it is the duty of all authorities to own up the responsibility and fill vacancies and provide adequate funds for developing infrastructure especially in government medical colleges,” she argued.

The AIDSO said several reports have highlighted the condition of government medical colleges in the State. “Yet neither the State governments nor the NMC suggested this or made any moves in this regard. Rather the State government is trying to push NRI quota in the government medical colleges instead of providing financial assistance to improve quality of education in the colleges,” the statement stated..

Ms. Chandrakala argued in her statement that the approach of NMC shows it is washing off its hands from taking responsibility for improving medical education in the country.

The AIDSO Karnataka has condemned the NMC approach and urged the State government to immediately grant adequate funds for medical education. “Penalising an education institution for no mistake of its, but of those who govern should never become a norm as it destroys the very essence of education,” she argued.

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