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Mumbai: To solve OPD challenges for both doctors and healthcare providers which includes inaccessibility of patient records, repetitive tasks, manpower and logistics, Pristyn Care, a digital platform for minimal invasive medical and surgical interventions has adopted its in-house cloud-based proprietary tech Electronic Medical Records (EMR).

“99 per cent of Pristyn Care doctors use its in-house EMR mobile app to process the prescriptions digitally which are centrally uploaded and audited by the clinical affairs team. This in turn has improved quality of care, patient outcomes and safety. Currently, Pristyn Care owns end-to-end patient centric services and digitally enables over 400 surgeons across 42 cities in the country through its EMR services,” the company stated.

Dr Shaloo Varma, SVP-Medical Directorate, Pristyn Care said, “Doctors need agile and digital-first solutions to drive better health outcomes. Our EMR aims to help doctors experience a more efficient and easy approach to delivering value-based care using technology. Additionally, the patients benefit from improved diagnosis and treatment, central repository of health records and faster care and decision-making responses from one’s health practitioner.”

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