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New Delhi: The National Health Authority (NHA) first hackathon under the Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission Hackathon Series commenced from July 14th to 17th, 2022. The hackathon is being organised under the Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission (ABDM) in association with Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) and Pune Smart City Development Corporation Limited (PSCDCL).

Various teams of innovators, developers, and data experts will join the event at the Smart City Operations Centre, Pune, Maharashtra. Event series will be conducted virtually to collaborate and build innovative solutions.

Inaugurating the hackathon Dr R S Sharma, CEO NHA, said, “Similar to the role played by UPI, the Unified Health Interface (UHI) will act as a market enabler and will provide multiple health services. It is a unique attempt to build interoperability between healthcare providers and facilitate the exchange of healthcare data – which can ultimately make quality healthcare accessible and affordable to all. “

Adding further to the hackathon, Dr Sharma said, “This hackathon is the first in the series of hackathons we are planning to hold. This will encourage young talent in this country to contribute to the enhancement of the building blocks of our digital healthcare ecosystem and create innovative solutions for the country and the world. “

In addition to the UHI, the hackathon is also focused on mobilising the health start-up ecosystem in India by bringing together individuals and organisations to develop innovative solutions. The tentative prize pool for ‘Round 1 – Kickstarting UHI’ is ₹60,00,000. The solutions shall be assessed by an independent jury. The top performers on each challenge track on two major themes will receive the prize. The two tracks are innovation and integration track.

The innovation track involves challenge for innovative solutions to power digital health in an open network around various use cases such as teleconsultation, ambulance booking, lab tests, physical consultation booking and , lab test booking. Integration track involves challenge to accelerate the development of applications that are compatible with UHI and integrate these applications with the applications of other such participants to enable digital health transactions on the UHI network.

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