My limbs were amputated after sepsis, says MP Craig Mackinlay

“None of this would be possible without my wife… I wouldn’t be where I am today without her.

“We [MPs] probably spend too much time in Westminster, away from our families, chasing this, that and the other.

“You now realise the important things are family, friends, children.”

Mr Mackinlay said when he returned to work he would campaign to make sure “the health service recognises sepsis at the earliest opportunity”.

He said: “It would have done nothing for me, mine was unusual.

“But for many people, there should be a recognition that you’ve got something severely wrong.

“A broad spectrum of antibiotics could stop you from losing limbs.”

An NHS spokesperson said it provided a “comprehensive package” of care and support for people who have lost limbs, including a range of prosthetics.

“But there is more to do,” the spokesperson said.

“All trusts should ensure patients are appropriately screened and receive antibiotics within an hour of a diagnosis of sepsis, and while delays linked to serious harm are relatively rare, trusts are required to have comprehensive plans for how they will respond to and learn from patient safety incidents.”

Before entering Parliament, Mr Mackinlay worked as a chartered accountant. Originally a member of the pro-Brexit UK Independence Party, he was elected as a Conservative MP for South Thanet in 2015.

Despite what he has gone through, Mr Mackinlay stills plans to fight the next election in his Kent constituency, due to be renamed Thanet East.

He also says he wants to become the “bionic MP”.

“When children come to Parliament’s fantastic education centre I want them to be pulling their parents’ jacket or skirts or their teacher and saying: ‘I want to see the bionic MP today’.”

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