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Mumbai: MediSage, digital engagement platform for doctors, has announced that it has been able to engage with over 2.2 lakh rural doctors online. It has leveraged this opportunity to become the go-to digital channel allowing doctors to access credible medical information from across 15 plus specialties in one single app.

The portal enables doctors to access the latest medical information which helps them in patient care. These include cases of goitre, skin disorders, lung diseases, which indicate the wide variety of patients seen by doctors in rural India. At present, the digital enagagement platform has subject experts from 70 countries and doctors from 2,000+ cities globally. They are also in the process of launching more clinical support tools that will help doctors engage with patients in their care journey.

Commenting on the development, Anurag Dhingra, co-founder, MediSage, said, “Our aim is that patients across both urban and rural areas should have access to the same quality of patient care. One step towards that is the availability of up-to-date guidelines, surgery techniques and diagnostic techniques in underserved markets. With over two lakh doctors now accessing the platform in rural India, we believe we are one step closer to solving the problem of information asymmetry.”

Abhishek Ghosh, co-founder & director, Medisage, said, “Rural markets have more general practitioners than tier-2/5/6 cities. Their challenge is they have limited information, yet handle serious cases such as heart failure, diabetes and cancer. Today, with MediSage, doctors based out of rural markets are not only able to post cases on the platform to get responses from experts in urban markets, but also able to access information available on the platform through videos, live interactions and global journals.”

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