Universal Sompo introduces AI-Powered tools for faster processing of motor claims

Universal Sompo has introduced two cutting-edge tools, ‘Universal i Assess’ and ‘Universal i Gen’, to expedite the process of settling motor claims. These state-of-the-art solutions enable surveyors to quickly evaluate damages and determine claims estimates in real-time, thereby streamlining the claims process significantly.

Universal Sompo is a joint venture of Indian Bank, Indian Overseas Bank, Karnataka Bank, Dabur Investments, and Sompo Japan Insurance Inc.

‘Universal i Assess’ utilises advanced technologies including neural network image processing, analytics, machine learning, and natural language processing to enable real-time damage assessments. Surveyors can now simply capture images of vehicle damage using their smartphones, and the AI system will automatically identify the vehicle details, pinpoint damaged areas, and provide an instant claims estimate.

The system utilises neural networks to analyse photos and identify vehicle details such as the vehicle number, make, model, and pinpoint damaged areas. Sophisticated algorithms evaluate the extent of damage for each part and generate an auto-assessed claims estimate. This streamlined process speeds up claim settlements and reduces the likelihood of fraudulent claims. Integrated with the surveyor app, this system will help efficient processing of motor-own damage claims on mobile devices, empowering surveyors with a valuable tool to enhance their workflow.
This system will accelerate the claims process and help minimise fraudulent claims. By integrating with the surveyor’s mobile app, it streamlines the processing of motor-own damage claims, providing a powerful tool to enhance workflow efficiency.
On the other hand, ‘Universal i Gen’ uses AI and machine learning to offer policyholders real-time claim updates through various digital platforms, including IVR calling and WhatsApp. This tool aims to provide a comprehensive view of the claim status, ultimately transforming the customer journey into a more satisfying experience.
“At Universal Sompo, we’re constantly inventing programs to enhance the claims processes for our policyholders. This AI system is another step forward. By using unconventional, state-of-the-art technology, we can break down communication barriers between all stakeholders involved in the entire claims process, leading to seamless settlements,” said Sharad Mathur, MD & CEO of Universal Sompo.

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