NFO alert: Ageas Federal Life Insurance floats Golden Years Pension Plan with Bluechip Pension Fund. Should you invest?

Private life insurer Ageas Federal Life Insurance has come up with Ageas Federal Life Insurance Golden Years Pension Plan with Bluechip Pension Fund. The plan will offer a comprehensive solution to secure the financial futures of policyholders. 

The Ageas Federal Life Insurance Golden Years Pension Plan is a Unit Linked, Non-Participating, Individual Pension Plan designed for retirement security. 

The plan offers two first-of-its-kind features: the Early Investment Booster, which provides additional allocations to encourage early retirement planning for those aged 18-35. 

The Golden Waiver of Premium, which helps in retirement corpus accumulation for policyholders’ loved ones even after their demise. It allows entry ages of 18-70 years for the Classic Option and up to 60 years for the Golden Waiver of Premium Option.

The Bluechip Pension Fund invests in listed equities and aims to generate high returns by investing in established and emerging bluechip stocks that have a good track record. The Fund aims to diversify risk by investing in stocks across multiple sectors and making it an excellent choice for a secure and prosperous retirement.

Other highlights

> Flexibility to choose premium payment option

> Guaranteed Loyalty Booster to boost investment

> Limited Time Offer: Flat NAV of Rs 10 per unit on Bluechip Pension Fund

“The Golden Years Pension Plan has been crafted to cater to the unique retirement needs of our Indian customers. This plan embodies innovation and a futuristic outlook with features like the Early Investment Booster and the Golden Waiver of Premium options. We believe this plan will set a new benchmark in retirement planning and provide peace of mind to countless families across the country, ” Khushali Girish, Deputy Vice President & Head of Products at Ageas Federal Life Insurance. 

“The Ageas Federal Life Insurance Golden Years Pension Plan also offers a Guaranteed Loyalty Booster which is added annually with timely premium payments and an active policy status. To add, the Premium Allocation charges are returned, enhancing the value of the plan. In case of the policyholder’s death, beneficiaries receive 105% of total premiums paid, and future premiums are waived under the Golden Waiver of Premium Option,” Girish added. 

The Bluechip Pension Fund is a new fund offering that would be launched with a limited time offer of flat NAV of Rs 10 per unit. It invests in equities, reverse repos treasury bills and mutual funds amongst others. The fund based on market outlook, aims for steady returns through active management, diversification, and a blend of growth and value investing.

With this new offering, Ageas Federal Life Insurance will provide robust financial solutions for a secure and fun retirement. Designed to transform retirement into a chapter of freedom and fun these plans help policyholders seize every moment of their golden years with confidence, promising a brighter and more secure future.

Last month, Ageas Federal Life Insurance announced a whopping total bonus of Rs 134.44 crore during the annual valuations for the financial year 2023-24. This marks the 10th consecutive year of bonus declarations by the company. It reflects 53% increase compared to the previous financial year’s total bonus of Rs 87.86 crore.

Of the total bonus, Rs 25.88 crore will be distributed to eligible policyholders as cash bonuses and maturity bonuses, with the remaining amount to be paid upon policy maturity, surrender, or early death in FY23-24.

Policyholders with traditional participating (with-profit) policies are eligible to receive this bonus, which is derived from the surplus generated under the participating (with-profits) funds.

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