Labour ministry notifies monthly pension relief of Rs 1,800 for dependents of ESIC beneficiaries

The labour ministry has notified a minimum pension relief of Rs 1800 per month to the dependents of the beneficiaries of the Employees State Insurance Corporation in case of the death of the insured person due to Covid.

“The Employees’ State Insurance Corporation, do hereby notify the scheme ESIC COVID-19 Relief Scheme under Section 19 of the Act as a welfare measure in case of death of insured person due to COVID-19,” the ministry said in the notification. The labour ministry has sought suggestions on the scheme within a month.

However, the IP who died due to COVID-19 disease must have been registered on the ESIC online portal at least three months prior to the date of diagnosis of COVID-19 disease resulting in his or her death.

Further, the deceased IP must have been in employment on the date of diagnosis of COVID-19 disease and contributions for at least 70 days should have been paid or payable in respect of him or her during a period of maximum one year immediately preceding the diagnosis of COVID-19 disease resulting in death.

As per the notification, the eligible dependent family members of insured persons (IP) will be paid periodic payments directly to their bank accounts. The eligible beneficiaries would include spouse or legitimate or adopted child, till the age of 25 years, and a widowed mother.

Under the scheme 90% of the average daily wages of the deceased IP, which will be called as full rate of the relief, will be paid to the dependants of the IP who died due to COVID-19 disease in a prescribed manner with the spouse getting a lifetime an amount equivalent to three-fifths of the full rate. However, if there are two or more widows, the amount payable to the spouse as aforesaid shall be divided equally between the widows.

In case of a legitimate or adopted son and a daughter, an amount equivalent to two-fifths of the full rate until he attains the age of twenty-five years shall be paid, among others.

The other dependents who become eligible for the relief in case the above are not available will include a parent other than the widowed mother or grand-parent. However, the benefit would be an amount equivalent to three-tenths of the full rate and would be equally shared if there are two or more parents (other than widowed mother).

Further, any other male or female dependent below 18 years of age may also be eligible for the benefit at an amount equivalent to two-tenths of the full rate. This shall be distributed equally if there are more than one dependents.

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