ITR filing 2024: List of websites where you can file your own income tax return

The deadline to file income tax returns for FY2024 or AY2024-25 is July 31. All taxpayers should file their returns by this date either by online or offline mode. The online mode of filing returns through the e-filing portal is preferred as it doesn’t involve standing in long queues. It is a seamless and secure process.  

Several websites are dedicated to helping individuals navigate the income tax return (ITR) filing process. These platforms offer a variety of services, ranging from do-it-yourself filing to expert assistance. They provide features like pre-filled forms, e-verification options, refund status tracking, and comprehensive support tailored to different types of taxpayers. 

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Here is a list of some of the platforms that can assist you in filing your ITR effectively:

Income Tax Department’s e-filing portal (www. incometaxindiaefiling. gov.) 

The official e-filing portal of the Income Tax Department, managed by Government of India, is designed to be user-friendly and secure, making it the preferred method for filing your ITR. 

This portal offers tailored guidance for different taxpayer categories, along with convenient features like pre-filled forms, e-verification choices, and live updates on your filing status. Users can also benefit from supplementary resources such as FAQs and instructional videos to assist them at every step of the filing procedure.

Tax2win (www.

Tax2win, a tax filing service, provides two options for filing Income Tax Returns (ITR): a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) service and an expert-assisted service. The platform is designed to offer a user-friendly experience and comprehensive support for taxpayers of different profiles. It includes features like document upload, refund tracking, and round-the-clock customer support to facilitate an efficient and hassle-free filing process.

MyITReturn (www. myitreturn. com) 

MyITReturn is a technology platform designed to streamline the process of filing Income Tax Returns (ITR) by providing a user-friendly interface and step-by-step assistance to users. The platform caters to a range of ITR forms and also provides additional services like e-verification and tracking of refund status.

TaxSpanner ( 

TaxSpanner provides professional and efficient income tax return (ITR) filing services for individuals, non-resident Indians (NRIs), and businesses. Our services are tailored to the unique profile of each user, offering custom solutions to meet their specific needs. In addition, TaxSpanner offers expert assistance for complex tax situations and provides audit support when necessary.

EZTax (www. 

EZTax is a reliable tax filing service provider that caters to individuals, professionals, and businesses. The platform is designed with an easy-to-use interface, automated tax computations, comprehensive summaries, and a swift e-verification process. Moreover, EZTax provides personalized support through chat and email to guide users during the filing procedure.

TaxBuddy | Website: www. taxbuddy. com

TaxBuddy is a trustworthy solution for individuals seeking to file their Income Tax Returns (ITR). It provides tailored tax filing services with the guidance of experienced tax experts. The platform is equipped to handle a range of ITR forms and offers capabilities like tax planning, tracking refund statuses, and generating comprehensive tax summaries. For further information on reducing humidity in your home, check out our article on the 11 best tech tips for this issue.

ClearTax | Website: www. cleartax. in 

ClearTax is a well-known tax filing platform in India, widely recognized for its support for multiple forms of Income Tax Returns (ITR) and its dedication to serving various categories of taxpayers. These include salaried individuals, freelancers, and businesses. ClearTax offers investment opportunities targeted at tax savings and also provides expert guidance designed for intricate scenarios.

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