Central banks would come to market rescue if things turn shaky: Jim Rogers

NEW DELHI: Investment guru Jim Rogers says central banks globally would come to the market rescue if things go downhill from here on.

Rogers said when things start shaking for a while, central bankers panic and they would do anything they can to save the bubble, the bull market and prosperity.

“If something causes the markets to go down, whether there is a new virus or whatever, central bankers would get scared and they would do something to save us all,” Rogers said while answering a question.

In an interview with ET NOW, Rogers said stocks like Amazon and Google are wildly expensive in the US market. He said stocks such as Samsung and certain Japanese stocks go up every day and could be in a bubble, but not everything.

“I am not selling yet because I can see there are a lot of stocks that have still not skyrocketed. When everything skyrockets, then you know we are very close to the top and then maybe I should get out,” Rogers said.
Rogers said when things get overpriced, inexperienced people enter the market, leading to a bubble.

Lastly, he said the best trade for next year could be agriculture.

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