As demand surges and prices rise, here are 7 ways to save on travel this summer

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Americans want their summer vacations.

After a year of being pent up during the pandemic, 80% said they are ready to travel, according to a recent survey by tourism market research firm Destination Analysts.

However, with that demand comes higher prices. Airline tickets are up 7% for the month and 24% from the year prior, according to the consumer price index for May, released by the Labor Department Thursday.

Car and truck rental rates jumped 12.1% in May, rising 110% from a year ago, and gas is up 56.2% over the past year.

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Yet there still are ways to spend smartly.

“Whether it is international or domestic, it is best to plan out every stage of your trip in advance to make sure there are not any hidden sticker shocks,” said Jordan Staab, president of SmarterTravel Media.

Here’s how you can save money when planning your next vacation.

1. Road trip it

2. Don’t wait until the last minute

3. Be flexible

4. Remember the days

5. Think outside the box

6. Don’t forget about Covid testing

7. Hold off until fall

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