RE Super Meteor’s waiting period varies based on city
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The Royal Enfield Super Meteor 650 was launched in India in mid-January, and customers are still waiting to receive delivery of their motorcycles.

On average, the current waiting period for the Super Meteor 650 is about three to four months, across the country. Certain cities are reporting slightly lower periods of two to three months, and metros — Chennai in particular — will have the shortest waiting period.

The top-spec Celestial variant seems to be in high demand, and has a waiting period of four months everywhere, while the lower Astral and Interstellar versions are available in two to three months.

All this is if customers choose an ‘off the shelf Super Meteor, in one of its three standard variants. If they opt for the Make-It-Yours (MiY) configurator and to spec out their bike, it would be an even longer wait, owing to the customisation required.

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