Does an Air Purifier Remove Smoke And Odor?

You or anyone around you smoke Cigars, Cigarettes, Marijuana or you have any other type of smoke &/or toxins around you that you need an Air Purifier for?

Let me start off by saying that second hand and even third-hand smoke are not good for our health and if you have little ones in the house around you then that becomes a major concern.

For businesses, you want to remove the smoke and odor for a pleasant experience for your clients as well.

In this day and age, one of the major concerns is the air we breathe. From cars on the roads to chimneys of factories, every symbol of modernization chugs out black soot and harmful gases. Even at home, we may not always have clean air to breathe in.

The truth is, we cannot do much to change the air in the outside world. What we can do, however, is to take steps to ensure that our loved ones breathe clean air at home. For that, we can install an air purifier for smoke, dust, and odor removal. We can also be more specific and get a smoke eater.

Let’s find out more about air purifiers or smoke eaters. 

What are Air Purifiers and Do They Work?

You can install an air purifier in the house to clean the air in your house. An air purifier is designed as a suction machine with one filter or multiple filters, along with a fan, so that it can suck the air and separate the pollutants from the air. The filters of different air purifiers are made of different materials like paper, mesh, or fiberglass. 

What does the air purifiers do:

  • Removes smoke
  • Removes odor from kitchen and bathroom 
  • Removes dust
  • Removes stale air
  • Circulates fresh, clean air in the house   

You may also find an air purifier for smoke removal, using an activated carbon filter. This is a smoke eliminator, specifically designed to eliminate cigarette smoke, cigar smoke, weed smoke etc.

Difference Between an Air Purifier and a Smoke Eater:

The main difference between an air purifier and a smoke eliminator is the purpose. While air purifiers are designed to offer a generic solution to clean your home air, a smoke eater is specifically engineered to target smoke, from the smelly, sooty fume in the kitchen to vape or cannabis smoke.

In fact, the filters of ordinary air purifiers might even get clogged by tobacco smog quickly. As a result, the filter will not be able to circulate air and remove fresh smoke. Smoke eaters, on the other hand, are designed to handle smoke particles and continue to clean the smoky air in the house. 

What Should I Look For in an Air Purifier? 

At the time of buying a new air purifier or smoke eliminator, you must look for the following: 

  • CADR rating: The Clean Air Delivery Rate of the purifier is a measurement of the device’s ability to remove smoke, dust, pollen, etc. Look for a rating of 300 and above. 
  • Size: Look for a purifier that can cater to a larger room than the one you’ll install it in. This will let you run the device at a lower setting, while it cleans the air at least thrice an hour.
  • AHAM certification: The Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers offers standards of efficiency, performance, and safety. So look for air purifiers with the AHAM verification mark.
  • True HEPA filter: Ensure that your air purifier has a HEPA filter that can remove 99.97% particles of 0.3 microns in lab settings. Don’t go for “HEPA-like” filters, as they are ineffective.     
  • Electrostatic air cleaner: Some air cleaners have electrostatic filters. One of their advantages is that they’re highly efficient. Another good thing is that they don’t need replacement. 

If you’re specifically looking for a device that can eliminate smoke from the air in your home, look for a smoke eater with an activated carbon filter with heavier carbon. 

Why You Need an Air Purifier for Smoke Removal 

Let’s face it – pollution affects the air even inside our home. This is particularly true if there’s a smoker at home. Plus, there’s always kitchen smoke when spicy food is cooked in oils with lower smoking points. If you live in a congested area, polluted, smoke-infused outside air will fill your house.

It is not always possible to remove the source of the smoke. Even a ventilated house or passive ventilation may not always be the answer. So, you need an air purifier to ensure that your family members are not exposed to toxic air or the infections.


When smoke is a problem at your home or in your locality, an air purifier for smoke removal is your best option. A regular air purifier may become slower when there’s smoke. However, a smoke eater is an air purifier specifically designed for smoke elimination. It can handle anything for marijuana smoke to the smoke in your kitchen when you’re cooking at high heat.   

Here are some of the examples of products for home or commercial use that can be used to remove smoke from our homes or commercial locations.

Bedroom Air Purifier Machine: Click Here for Price

  • Used in Residential as well as office space:
  • Portable
  • Kills Smoke, Odor, Toxins, Bacteria.
  • Quite
  • Multiple Colors Available

Minus A2 Rabbit Air Purifier Machine: Click Here for Price 

  • Used in Residential as well as office space:
  • Portable
  • Kills Smoke, Odor, Toxins, Bacteria.
  • Quite
  • Multiple colors are available

Blue OX 1100 Commercial Smoke Eater: Click Here For Price

  • Used for Businesses or Mancaves
  • Mounted on the ceiling or wall.
  • Kills Smoke, Odor, Toxins, Bacteria.
  • Quite

CM-12 MiracleAir Commercial Air Purifier for Smoke: Click Here for Price

  • Used for Businesses or Mancaves
  • Mounted and Hangs from the ceiling.
  • Kills Smoke, Odor, Toxins, Bacteria.
  • Quite 

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