These are 2021’s next big themes, according to two top ETF managers

Hydrogen could be one of 2021’s next big investing themes, says one top ETF manager. Its potential to take the clean energy industry by storm drove Global X ETFs to launch its Hydrogen ETF (HYDR) in mid-July, the firm’s senior vice president and head of research and strategy, Jay Jacobs, told CNBC’s “ETF Edge” this … Read more

Once considered a ‘city disease,’ Zimbabwe’s rural areas are being hit hard by Covid, and panic has set in

The chatter around the canteen is all about the death of a popular health official from Covid-19 in a nearby village. Panic has slowly set in this part of rural Zimbabwe as news of the death spreads in a place where people had previously considered themselves safe from a virus mostly concentrated in the country’s … Read more

Our top picks for the best electric car in 2021

If you’re here, you’re probably thinking about taking the leap into the work of electric vehicles. You came to the right place because we’ve driven plenty of EVs. These battery-powered vehicles really can serve as a daily driver as the technology gets better, ranges become more livable and charging infrastructure starts to expand. The problem … Read more